You know…

Our planet is in need.

You know about climate change.

You know what an extreme weather event can do.

You know about air pollution.

You know about water pollution.

You know about the human-made toxic chemical substances.

You know about food insecurity, water insecurity, foodborne, and waterborne diseases.

You know about children’s malnutrition.

You know that many animals are in danger of extinction.

You know about illegal hunting and fishing.

You know that nature offers us unique gifts such as sun and solar energy, wind and wind energy, sea and wave energy and geothermal energy.

You know that we have the knowhow to benefit from these gifts.

You know what we are doing.

You know what the planet would tell us if it could speak.

You know that you can be a part of the change.

Therefore, let’s be the voice of the planet!

Use arts and technology, and let’s unite our voice in favour of our common home, in favour of our common future!

Send us anything you like: drawings, poems, videos, photos, songs, thoughts etc!

Main topics: natural environment, pollution, toxic chemical substances, climate change, energy, recycling, environmental health, environmental education, natural sciences, animals, environmental law, ecotourism

Text language (e.g. poems, thoughts): English

Be creative!

Be a part of our team!

Be the voice of the planet!

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